Welcome to Newport Strength!

Since 2010 we have trained hundreds
of Orange County residents to do life better!

Are you tired of always being tired?

Has another season passed, and you’re still not able to wear the clothes you want to wear or do the things you want to do?

Have you tried expensive diets, trainers, or gym classes, and still haven’t found what works for you?

Unimpressed with crowded impersonal classes provided by the latest fitness trend?

Let us show you a better way!

We will help you to take control of your health and fitness, and get in the best shape of your life!

You’ll have a coach who actually listens to you, who can help you set goals and create a simple plan to achieve them.

How would you like to feel younger next year?

Don’t wait another year, another day, another minute!


Everyone has a specific reason for being here. We start by identifying your individual goals. It could be that you want to keep up with your kids and enjoy an active lifestyle as a family, surfing, hiking, and traveling. Maybe it’s more confidence at the beach or the neighborhood pool party. Perhaps you’re after that extra edge to beat your buddies at the next triathlon or mud run. It may just be a desire to play with your kids (or grandkids!) without getting winded. Whatever your goals, we will work with you to create a solid plan of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to get you there.

Rather than going it alone or succumbing to a mindless large group beat down, allow us to show you there is a better way. Our professional coaches will customize a program for you based on your current level and your desired results. No gimmicks. No guesswork. Show up and train with like-minded individuals under expert guidance. Think of us as “The thinking persons solution to crushing fitness goals!”

The next step is yours! Schedule your complimentary consultation. We’ll determine your starting point, where you want to go, and exactly how to get you there.