happy birthday, hop

happy birthday, hop

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mom at balboa island

mom at balboa island

This is the day Mary Harper Dee (now Montague) was born. She is known to friends as Harpie, to her grandkids as Hoppie, and to my sister, my brother, and me as mom. 

This woman has touched more lives than she knows, but I’ll just speak to how she’s influenced mine. 

She taught me to try things even if I don’t know if they’ll work. She taught me to “suit up and show up”, even if I don’t feel like it. She taught me to face problems head on and to stay with them until I find a solution. And she taught me that the only person I have control over is myself. 

She gets me, and she knows how to talk to me – no fluff.

“Figure it out. Quit your whining and complaining; it’s not helping you.” Now you all know where I got it!

I am blessed to have this compassionate, fun, smart, real, loving, hilarious, direct, tenacious, beautiful, but tough as nails chick as my mom!

I know she would agree with Lisbeth Darsh, Everything I ever needed, my mother already gave me





Db snatch R

Db snatch L





20 min amrap

5 DB cleans 25#

10 DB push press

15 DB walking lunge 


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  • Alison 2 YEARS AGO

    I love this little tribute Jill! You may not know this, but your parents inspired me too. Your mom and dad were so caring and nurturing and loving and compassionate. I was fortunate enough to have great parents of my own, but next to mine, yours were my favorite back then! And I still get the warm fuzzies when I think of them. :) Happy birthday to your sweet mama! Oh...and by the way, April 11 is my mom's birthday too. :)

  • Nichole 2 YEARS AGO

    Happy Birthday Hoppie! Love you!


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