Do you remember your first day walking into the box?  Do you remember how it smelled, what you wore, how you felt, who you talked to? More importantly, do you remember your first WOD?

I’m betting many of you were wondering what you were getting yourselves into at the time. You might have been thinking that you’d give this workout a try, just to say you tried, and you’d politely say “Thank you for the workout” and promise to be in touch. But secretly, in the back of your mind, you were probably thinking that committing to this hour multiple times a week would be impossible, and push-ups and pull-ups were for crazy people, and financially, well, it just wouldn’t work.

Fast forward to today and here you are:  a pull-upping, power-cleaning, can’t-get-enough, CrossFitting machine.

Yes, you keep coming back for more! You hated yesterday’s WOD, but here you are again, ready to jump back into the warm up, sore quads and all. It’s that feeling that you get after the WOD, the accomplishment, the improvement, and the knowledge that you’re building strength, both mentally and physically. Each day your WOD book contains more pages of accomplishments, of increased strength and stamina. Look back at those worn pages and appreciate how far you have come.  Look forward at the blank pages and get excited for the possibilities.

You’ve seen the words on the wall in the gym.  You know what they mean, and now you embody the definitions.  You can proudly say, “I am CrossFit Woman”.

Beginning in October, we will dedicate one blog per week to the “words on the walls”.  We will attempt to put in to words what this CrossFit woman is all about.  Have you been able to put your CrossFit experience in to words for your family or friends?  Perhaps there are other blog posts or articles that explain it well for you.  We want to hear about it.  Post in comments.

One of our favorites is this essay by Lisbeth Darsh, titled Crossing Over.

This Weekend at CrossFit Fly

Saturday – Frelen

Sunday – Race for the Cure

Who is coming to what??? Sign up or post in comments.

Bring a Friend

This is the last week of the 2011 Summer Session – this summer has flown by!!!  As the last week of the session, you are welcome to bring a friend to class – any class this week!

Recovery Week

Keep an eye on the blog this week for information on workshops that will be offered during our recovery week.

Fall Session

The 2011 Fall Session will begin Monday, October 3rd.  Unless you have made other arrangements, you have each been re-enrolled in your current Crew.

Take a look at today’s WOD, and post your result.

posted by ali for tuesday, september 20, 2011